Friday, January 1, 2010

Literary predictions for 2010
In this coming year, I’m sure you all want to learn new skills as well as add to your library. My time at Reader’s Digest has heightened my discernment of superlative writing so it’s my pleasure to bring you some of the books I predict will become best sellers in their particular genre.

Fiction: They Die With Their Boots Clean, Gerald Kalsh
Excerpt: “Pensively pursuing his lips, he takes his left eye out, polishes it against the bosom of his battle-blouse and puts it back again.”
(Ed: Damn, why can’t I write prose like that?)

Travel: Wall paintings by Snake Charmers in Taganyika, Hans Cory
(Ed: Now on my list of 101 places to see before I die)

Health: On Leprosy and Fish-eating: A statement of facts and explanations, H.D. Janowitz
(Ed: S*!t, shouldn’t have had sushi last week.)

Cooking: Entertaining with Insects: The Original Guide to Insect Cookery: Ronald L. Taylor, Barbara J. Carter, illustrated by John Gregory Tweed
(Ed: Must try recipes: cockroach coq a vin, spider souffle)

Career: Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun, Wess Roberts PhD
(Ed: I’ve recently worked with some people who read this. They were powerhouses!)

Décor-Home Improvement: The Romance of Cement, Anon
(Ed: A classic!)

Fitness: Textbook of Club Swinging, Tom Burrows
(Ed: Great backyard family activity anytime of the year.)

Children’s: My Invisible Friend Explains the Bible, J.G. Bogusz
(Ed: Muslim or Christian Friend?)

Self-help: Shy Men, Sex and Castrating Women, Claude Balls
(Ed: A must read if only to find out which comes first)

Self-improvement: What to Say When You Talk to Yourself, Shad Helmstetter
(Ed: Give yourself the competitive edge at work!)

How to: How to Write While You Sleep, Elizabeth Irwin Ross
(Ed: Excellent chapter on twittering while asleep! Multi-tasking at its best)

Pets: On Canine Madness, William Youatt
(Ed: I found the chapter on how Fido overcame his paranoid-schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder inspiring.)

Acknowledgement: I owe it all to Russell Ash and Brian Lake. They taught me what a good book really is!

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  1. I'll take the one on What to Say When You Talk to Yourself!