Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I was in New York last week and was thrilled to see the Occupy Wall Street movement happening. I didn't mind they blocked off the Brooklyn Bridge and caused me a bit of grief while traveling. I was happy to see people in the streets, angry at what greed and the thoughtlessness of Wall Street has done to their country.

The mainstream media was slow to respond about this movement -- it's already three weeks old. But as the crowd swelled, as the gathering became one of people from all ages, all races, all walks of life, the world began taking notice. The New York Times even covered the Occupied Wall Street Journal, the first newspaper publish by the group.

The one thing everyone in the crowd has in common -- the only thing they share -- they won't be getting any million dollar bonuses paid to them. The theme of the gathering is WE ARE THE 99%. The 99% who work hard, contribute to society and have no guaranteed income at all. I saw myself in the 99%. I saw my daughter, my friends, my family. How many people do you know who are in the 1% who have it all?

It was a Canadian ADBusters who called the kids to action. They answered. Thank God they did, because they got the rest of us off the couch as well. This is history being made. Arab spring giving way to the American Autumn.

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  1. I only know one person who is in the 1% and they're pretty paranoid about letting anyone into their life... so they have it "all" but they have nothing.

    Cute blog btw =]