Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Baby la-la, scared cops

Quebec cops need their blankies and soothers for naptime. There's been weirdly violent encounters between la belle province police and the real world. The excuse being given for their inappropriate behaviour: they were afraid for their lives!

The terror our Quebec police have to live with everyday...

On Oct 28, outside of Gatineau, Quebec, cops gunned down a runaway calf after chasing it in their vehicles. Despite all the sirens and flashing lights, the cow was not responding to their command to stop eating the grass. Maybe it was an English cow who didn't speak French. (Everyone knows you have to be bilingual in both official languages to live in Canada.) After shooting the frightened calf in the leg, which caused it to completely panic and run even faster. They chased in the car again and then kept shooting. They claimed the cow was "threatening" and "dangerous." Watch the You Tube video and decide for yourself. The story has gone viral and animal rights group are starting a letter writing campaign. Kudos to the Daily Mail for the best headline: Don't mooove or I'll shoot.

On Oct 27, Longueuil police fired at a car when it went through a stop sign. After disobeying the sign, the car picked up speed so the policemen put a few bullets in the passenger side of the car. The 56-year old woman who was driving stopped without hitting anyone or anything. She was quite of confused when she was immediately arrested and taken to the police station for questioning. The police officer who “feared for his life” was taken to the hospital to be treated for shock. The reason the police were on site: reports of teenagers loitering on the grounds of a daycare.

In September, while breaking up some loud-mouth drunken tourists, a cop dragged a young woman half his size from the sidewalk and threw her into a parking meter head first. Her crime: comforting a friend who had just been pepper-sprayed by the cops. Robert Bugeag was passing by and recorded the incident on his cell phone. The cop was probably afraid for his life too.

Teenagers! Middle-aged women! Cows! Drunk tourists! They need danger-pay! Somebody pass them a sippy cup with juice in it.

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