Friday, November 4, 2011

For this I pay you banking fees?

How I started off my day:
3:00 am: Finish my deadline article.
8:00 am: Phone rings. I lie in bed ignoring it.
8:02 am: Phone rings. I lie in bed ignoring it.
8:15 am: Phone rings. I lie in bed ignoring it.
8:35 am: I lie in bed thinking someone has died because who is calling me that early in the morning?
8:37 am: I pick up the message from Scotiabank from the security department. My account has been hacked!!!!
8:43 am: Calling security line.
8:45 am: Listening to canned music.
8:47 am: Pressing option 2
8:50 am: Talking to India, or someone with an Indian accent.
8:53 am: Telling nice Indian lady that the transaction was actually done with one of their own banking representatives, over the phone, because my Internet account is STILL NOT WORKING. Nice lady asks if there is anything she can do to help with that. Ah, yes.
9:03 am: Apparently the nice Indian lady doesn't know how to fix that problem. Does anyone at Scotiabank know how to fix the problem?
9:05: I go back to bed.
9:07: Call from female computer voice "Hello-this-Scotiabank-Customer-Service-Satisfaction-Survey."
9:08: Click.


  1. I hate the way they ring you and when you answer the phone you find you're on hold - talk about a power trip!