Sunday, November 27, 2011

Meditations on a dead car

I miss the days when people picked up hitchhikers...why am i too old to have parents to pick me ...could i just set the car on fire for the insurance money...maybe a cab to the airport...would i get in trouble if i just left it in the middle of the road...why do i live so far away from public transportation...f**cking mechanics...WHY WON'T YOU START...shit only one bar left on the cell phone...maybe if i turn the key really slowly again and again...please dear god make the car start....waaa...


  1. Tell me about it. Our car died yesterday too. The ignition fell out.

  2. Holy crap -- that's horrible. Friend mentioned that Altas Mechanics on Rue St Jacques was a great place to get work done. I'm going to to a new mechanic out in Dorval. I think going back to the Horse and Buggy days would be a good idea. We could sit in the buggy and Tweet!

  3. Horse & Buggy? Tweet?
    Carrier pigeon?