Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh no--I don't have my Xmas outfit ready!

Dear Betty,
I'm so worried about this Christmas. I just found out that in order for this season to be a success I must dress up "sexy" for Christmas!!?!

Isn't doing all the organizing, shopping, wrapping, baking, cooking, serving, washing up with a cheery Xmas smile enough??

I need your help to decide on whether I should be sexy Mrs. Claus outfit or a slutty Santa's helper.

Please help me choose. Should I be:
  1. Miss Sparkly Santa Sexy Holiday Party Costume -- rats, sexy sparkling gloves not included
  2. The Candyland Gingerbread Corset -- curses... g-string not included!
  3. Frosty the Snox Vixen-- disappointment alert--scarf only in red plaid.
I'm leaning towards the  Jingle my Bells bikini. This is "naughty Christmas Outfit has a Velvet Halter Open Cup Bra Top with Elf Hem, Jingle Bell Trim, Skirt with Jingle Bell Hem and Matching Thong." 

It's made in USA and one size fits all! Do you think it would be okay to serve Xmas dinner in this outfit and then take out the Xmas recycling? When would I have to stop wearing it?

Looking forward to your reply.

P.S. Thanks to Ana March for the heads up on this trend.  


  1. My mind has been boggled. I must now pluck out my eyes and choose another religion. Thanks.