Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My unwashed house

I could just burn the place down....
Ever have one of those days
when you notice ever bit of grime,
every dog hair floating around,
every dust bunny,
every mark on the wall,
every sticky door in the kitchen,
every possible germ-infested surface?
Suddenly you are living in the
filthiest house in the world
and are crushed with the
thought of cleaning all this up.
I say go blind instead,
ignore that stain,
blow away the dog hair,
feel invincible against germs.
Clean up tomorrow when your vision has dulled and your sense of humour has returned. Amen.


  1. Let it be so! Bring on the dark sunglasses!

  2. Ah--such a sensible solution! Better than burning the place down.

  3. light a big spliff and kick back

  4. inhale--oh yeah--that worked...