Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Birthday BFF

Your BFF is someone who gets you.

She’s the one who tells you if your new (and expensive) pants make your ass look big or if you got a bad haircut.
But she tells you in way that makes you feel like it’s okay.

She lends a hand to help out, a shoulder to cry on, or a sympathetic ear.
She makes you laugh and gets the punch line at the same time as you.

Your BFF appreciates your talents and wants to see you shine.
She’s happy for your success because she’s seen how hard you’ve worked.

And because your trust her, she’s the one to tell when you’re acting crazy, being bitchy or about to do something really dumb and self-destructive.
But she tells you in way that makes you feel like it’s okay.

She'll do something fun with you and won't hold it against you when the adventure didn't work out (even when it's your fault).

Your BFF may be shorter, taller, skinnier, fatter, poorer, wealthier, married, single, younger, older, successful or struggling, urban or suburban.

But when you’re with her those things aren’t important.

It’s being with a friend who makes you happy to be yourself that matters.

Happy Birthday, JC. One amazing BFF.
And to Lena, another great BFF. 
Visit JC's hilarious blog and wish her a Happy Birthday!


  1. Oh Shelagh. This brang a tear to my ear. Except for one tiny detail....I get to be Louise, dammit.