Thursday, March 22, 2012

Air Canada layoffs puts you in danger

Shame on Air Canada. Spin doctors have us believing it's just some whiny over paid pilots and air stewardesses singing the blues. There is more than is being reported -- this is not a union busting move but a PENSION busting move on the part of Air Canada.  Air Canada is head hunting all the mechanics they just laid off via an independent agency offering less money for the same work.

I say pay those mechanics really well and cut the salaries of the managers. The mechanics are the hands-on guys who care about what they are doing because they know if they mess up somebody dies. Do you think some management type is going to lose sleep over an airplane that is not carefully repaired? I doubt they have even connected the dots on this one because if they had -- if they really got what was at stake, they wouldn't be doing what they are doing.

Air Canada stands to save a bundle of money by closing down Aveos. It doesn't have to pay out severance packages and the pensions vanish. Where are all the savings going? Certainly not into lower airfares. Based on the number of managers this top heavy company has -- the money is going into more bonuses.

It's been a monopoly for years with a captive audience but continues to lose money and is one the  poorly rated companies in North America.

Even stranger is that Air Canada still owns a part of Aveos. Why would any company bankrupt an investment unless there was something bigger to gain--like being freed of paying union rates, severance packages and pension.

Air Canada repairs are going to be done in Honduras and smaller Mom and Pop shops around the country. Why does not inspire confidence in me. Well, the USA has had the same set-up for several years now and there have been some spectacular crashes associated with poor repair.

Let's not wait until a plane crashes before Canada acts. The only power we have is with our dollars. Boycott Air Canada and call your MP to ask what they are doing about your safety.

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