Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stop friggin fracking

I'm astounded when I read about fracking and it's negative, permanent consequences on our drinking water. The illogical thinking and greedy excuses from corporate gas flunkies is terrifying. These people are short-sighted, stupid and don't care about the future and they are making decisions that will affect us for generations to come. What for? Cheap gas.

Find out more. Watch Josh Fox's documentary Gasland. I was blown away by the scene where a farmer living near a fracking well opens his kitchen tap and sets the water on fire! Wrong on so many levels.

New York is about to allow fracking despite all the research proving it's a dangerous practice. Read the latest article in Rolling Stones magazine and Fox's latest video The Sky is Pink. Terrifying info.

Contact your elected official and let them know you don't want fracking in your area. I've sent a message off to my MP. Kudos for Quebec to have at least put half to fracking until 2013 in order to study the situation.

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