Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The remaining mysteries in my world

There are those who lament the lack of mystery left in the world. There are those who claim to explain the mystery. There are those who have challenged the mystery. And, then there are my mine.


  12 Mysteries in my world

    • Where do the missing socks really go?  
    • Why does hair from two different dogs end up in two different locations?
    • Why are the bible or shitty translated poetry the only handbooks to life? 
    • Why does the bread always fall buttered side down? 
    • If you haven't discovered your life's purpose are you a cosmic waster? 
    • When IS Jesus arriving. I'd like to hear from him directly.  
    • Is it enough to be a regular-person-who-is-not-doing-anything-spectacular-but-trying-to-be-a-decent-person? Or have those times passed? 
    • How come she gets to be rich and famous but I don't? 
    • Do you think the Virgin Mary felt ripped off when she discovered what came before pushing the baby out?  
    • Can orgasm replace chocolate? Or must the two continue their symbiotic relationship? 
    • Is bitterness only appropriate after a certain age? 
    • Why do I have to fix my own martini?


    1. Let me know when you hear from Jesus.

    2. 13: What's that smell?

      But seriously

      Missing socks are just hiding until you throw away the other one

    3. Number 13 is not a mystery in this house. It's usually the dog. Are the socks doing the same thing as house keys or bicycle locks. You throw away/change the lock and then find the key?? Damn the universe.