Friday, May 24, 2013

Garage Sale Tips (in case you missed the interview)

In case you missed one of the 11 interviews I gave this morning on CBC radio morning shows across the country, here are the garage sale tips I discussed.

Best find: My favourite pair of earrings for $2 that I lost.
Best deal: The kayak we bought for $350/the bread maker bought for $7

Best selling items:
Kid's clothes and toys (gently used)
Gardening tools
Small power tools
Bikes and other sporting equipment
Small electronics as long as they are not too old
Kitchen gadgets
Designer clothing and jewellry

Items that won't move:
Ordinary mugs
Old magazines unless speciality brands
Paperback books, especially romance and murder mystery
Broken stuff
Electronics from the 80s (with the exception of turntables which are hot right now)
Your nasty, worn out clothing

How to stage your table:
Clean and repair everything you are putting out for sale
Put everything up off the ground
Arrange things nicely on the tables by category
Have lots of change ready
Give people enough room to move around
Price everything beforehand
Have a free box for stuff you want to get rid of
Offer coffee or something to nibble on. Garage sale shopping is tiring
Have someplace where people can plug in electronics to test them out

For buyers:
Don't show up earlier than the schedule time on the sign. People need time to get ready.
Test any equipment out before buying, especially anything electronic
Make sure baby products (crib, car seat, highchair) haven't been recalled for being unsafe
Bring lots of change
Don't hesitate -- someone else will snatch up the deal!
Don't haggle too long or for too much of a discount. It gets annoying
Buyer beware. There are very few expensive treasures found at garage sales. That doesn't means you won't find some great bargains.

Final word of advice: Keep your sense of fun. Yard sales shouldn't be stressful! 

Read more with my article I wrote for Green Living: Successful garage sales

Happy yard sale shopping! 

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