Thursday, September 5, 2013

Watching the garden

this season i got lazy 
i left the slugs to munch on leaves
the spiders to weave their webs.
burdock bushes grew sky high
jewel weed took over the lawn
crickets jumped through the clover
the wild strawberries tumbled through the grass
the raspberry canes grew tall and leggy 
the sage stopped being polite and sprawled over the garden's edge
my backyard grew shaggy
toads and frogs moved in for the slugs
flies never made it into my kitchen after visiting the spider's artwork
monarch butterflies stopped by for the milkweed in the driveway
the bees arrived in clouds for the purple burdock and golden sunflowers
bluejays swooped down to peck at berries and snatch up grasshoppers
squirrels risked the wrath of my dog for a wild plum
ladybugs gave birth on the rhubarb
at night i watched the fireflies dance
i slept listening to the crickets
and rustling of small woodland creatures feasting
in my messy garden of being

1 comment:

  1. I love this pic of you in your garden....but what about the mosquitoes?!? lol