Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Faubourg de l'Île: Reality vs Fantasy

Could my local mall get anymore depressing?
It's been given a facelift that smacks of desperation: Ikea-like couches with the groovy grey and green colours. Free WiFi and a Christmas sound track from 1965.
The 10 shoppers here looks vaguely depressed and slightly suicidal.
Maybe it's the music.
Maybe it's all the empty shops from bankrupt businesses or the discount stores.
Maybe it's the bitter sales people staffing the sad little kiosks.
Maybe it's the smell of greasy food and bad coffee.
I blame Cogir, the management company that owns the place.
It's made the Faubourg de l'Île website look like a happening kind of place.
It isn't.
Who the hell listens to Pat Boone anymore??

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