Friday, December 20, 2013

Micro-credit: The gift that keeps returning

Elar at his coffee plantation in Peru
For my Xmas donations I just help fund a co-operative coffee plantation in Peru and a tamarind harvest in Nicaragua.

It's through Kiva, a micro-credit organization where everyone pays back their loan.

It's the the 6th year I've been doing this and my loans always gets paid back. Then, I just re-invest my donation, adding a bit more each year.

1st loan:Fatima, charcoal biz in Tanzania
Micro-credit lending is an amazing way to help people build their own business and make their lives better in a concrete way.

If you're looking for a cool Xmas present that keeps on giving check out KIVA or any other micro-credit organization. Happy Holidays.

This is good article on Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Bangladeshi who came up with the concept of micro-credit.

Happy Holidays!

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