Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Woody Allen backlash: hate mail

The whole Woody Allen debate is certainly pushing buttons. I've never gotten hate mail on this blog so it was a first for me. After I posted my first blog on Allen, I was told I should never be allowed to have children since  (oops -- too late for that one, I already have a well adjusted 24-year old daughter).  I also have a "little, insignificant life" -- so I guess that means I should shut-the-fuck-up.

Obviously this topic is hitting a lot of buttons. An Esquire article showed an obvious stream of sexual exploitation in Allen's movies. Is that what people are reacting to? Are they defensive because they watched the movies and enjoyed them without noticing this theme or did the theme speak a part of them that liked the idea of sexual exploitation? I think

It's interesting to see how both sides are condemning the other for not getting their facts straight but it is appears to me that the Allen supporters are far more vehement. Are their buttons being pushed? Is this opening up the whole unspoken debate about May-December relationships and the power dynamics in them? At what age are you being a creepy pedophile desiring someone young enough to be your child?

I'm irritated at this latest development of Allen taking the victim role and presenting this whiny, sad-sack neurotic victim. Hasn't this man been in psycho-analysis for over 20 years? Isn't it time for him to grow up and accept some responsibility for his actions? Any judgment handed down to me that I was wildly inappropriate would give me pause to reflect. I would have more respect for Allen if he examined how his behaviour is contributing to all of this. And to be fair and balanced, I do feel Mia Farrow needs to step aside from tweeting like some teenager hell bent on revenge.

There is certainly some compelling evidence against Allen. Maureen Orth has been writing about it for a few years and she has done her homework. I think it's also interesting that Allen has never expressed any concern towards Dylan but continues to slam her and imply she is crazy.

My heart goes out to the kids involved in this messy situation and the fact it is being aired publicly. They are the real victims -- not Allen. Dylan is the one who should be treated with compassion and should be allowed to tell her story without being condemned. Since it's being played out in public, she should be given enough air time as well.

Whether Allen is guilty of all the charges, being a great artist is not carte blanche for acting like a douche bag towards your family. Accusations aside, Allen has acted terribly towards his family. But, I guess when you see yourself as a victim you don't feel the need to examine your own behaviour and apologize. It's easier to to whine you way through  publications pandering to fame.

Final point: read this excellent article Brainwashing Woody that is well researched by Lili Loofbourow. Scroll down to the final quote from Allen. 

Time to return to my "little, insignificant life."

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