Thursday, April 3, 2014

Car crimes

A to Z challenge: Day 3

C  is for Car Crimes

Contrite Mary. You are so deeply sorry for parents who have lost their children.
Condolences are easy when you have a script. Shed your tears, remind us you are a mom and then collect your $14 million.
Conducting a recall does not make you a hero.
Confused, I sit to read my form letter.
Certain conditions with this car may increase my risk of fatality.
Customer Care apologizes for “this inconvenience.”
Currently not available, the damaged parts will be replaced at no charge.
Contact will be made when I can schedule an appointment for repairs.
Continued satisfaction with products is GM’s great promise.
Condition reimbursement information can be discussed at the Customer Care Center
Concern for my safety in your corporate mouth means 4,380 days, 624 weeks, 144 months of silence. My life not worth .57 cents to fix something so small that could destroy so much.
Completely unacceptable cries CEO Mary.
Criminal deception counters congressional investigators.
Car crimes continue.


  1. Wow -- that is a timely poem! Horrible news for those families and a black eye for GM.
    Visiting from A to Z ~

  2. Important topic for your post. You have "c"hanneled your outrage well. Corporations get away with murder sometimes, don't they?! Good job.

  3. Wow! That was really impressive.