Thursday, April 10, 2014

I see time on your face

A to Z challenge: Day 9

I is for I see time


I will forgive you for not recognizing me.
And for your look of shocked surprise after
I convinced you it was me.
I see time on your face.
You’ve aged well.
Better than me.

Like all my memories from back then
Our time together seems better than it was.
I remember our spent passion
With a wistful, almost rueful irony.

It’s so easy to be affectionate
Now that I have forgotten why I left you in the first place.
I like to think we could capture those moments again.
When passion could still overtake us.

But, then I would feel regret
get distracted wondering how it might have been
And that would ruin the whole reason
For this brief visit.

Toronto, 2008


  1. Lovely poem!

    I'm popping by from the A to Z challenge to say hi. I think this is my first time on your blog. Looks like you've got lots of great travel posts I can dig into, as well.

    I shall return. :D

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  2. Ack! I think I may have accidentally pasted a tweet at the bottom of my comment rather than the signature that I meant to use for A to Z... If so, I apologize! I'm rather sleepy at the moment... Probably should not be operating heavy machinery - such as my brain!

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  3. This is beautiful, heart-wrenching. I love it. I Love the line: wistfully, almost rueful irony. This touched me deeply.