Thursday, April 10, 2014

I see time on your face

A to Z challenge: Day 9

I is for I see time


I will forgive you for not recognizing me.
And for your look of shocked surprise after
I convinced you it was me.
I see time on your face.
You’ve aged well.
Better than me.

Like all my memories from back then
Our time together seems better than it was.
I remember our spent passion
With a wistful, almost rueful irony.

It’s so easy to be affectionate
Now that I have forgotten why I left you in the first place.
I like to think we could capture those moments again.
When passion could still overtake us.

But, then I would feel regret
get distracted wondering how it might have been
And that would ruin the whole reason
For this brief visit.

Toronto, 2008