Friday, April 11, 2014

JJ Potcakes canine advice

A to Z challenge

Day 10: J is for JJ Potcakes canine advice 

JJ Potcakes here. The human is finally asleep so I could get on the computer. She forgot about doing the blog today. She was busy worrying about clean plates coming out of the dishwasher.

After speaking into her little box that lights up, she went to bed, put the covers over her bed and started crying. My poor human. I see her looking at her butt in the mirror and getting sad.

She shouldn’t worry about her butt. It smells like her. I love her butt.

Halfway in the night, I’ll crawl up onto the bed to share my smelly fart with her -- there’s nothing helps you sleep better.

At dawn, I’ll wake her up with a sloppy kiss that leaves a line of love on her cheek. I’ll take her out for a walk and the fresh air will do her good. She’ll cheer up when I share my crinkly toy with her and show her how to chew it properly.

Sometimes you just need a good roll in the grass to put things in perspective. I’ll be sure to rub the good smell onto her pant leg and poop close to the curb so she can pick it up for her collection. This will be the day I catch that squirrel and bring it home! Or that fat cat that I know will make an amazing pillow. After our walk, we arrive back at home and have breakfast! Then there is the patch of sunshine to life in. Then it will be time for lunch and a belly rub. Life is amazing!

My human gets upset if there are dog hairs on the keyboard so I must go. Anyway, it’s spring and there’s a lot of sniffing to do. I'll get to my unfinished poem later.