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Ricky Rincon comes home

A to Z challenge 

Day 18: R is for Ricky Rincon


Ricky Rincon arrived in Montreal on April 10. It had been a long journey for this little dog.

I rescued Ricky from the streets of Puerto Morelos in January 2011. I was back visiting my previous home and my friend Dinah had taken me up to the new development to show me all the changes. While she was in the local corner stone, I wandered out to the corner. 

Out from the shadows came this tiny, beaten up dog. I've seen lots of sad dogs in my travels that I felt compassion for but I've never acted before.

This tiny dog stood before me asking me to act. I saw a brave, smart dog who was taking a big gamble. Dinah had just started her sterilization clinics and rescue shelter. I asked her to take Ricky as one of her first dogs.

Ricky's first meal
When we went back to the corner and he had disappeared. We asked around and were told he was like a ghost since he would come and go without anyone seeing him.  We came back the next day, armed with tortillas and chicken, we lured the dog into the back of Dinah's truck.

He was in sad shape. Bleeding paws, missing hair, skinny and The first vet we visited took one look at him and told us to put him down. The second vet took him in and we gave this little dog a bath. The first time he had ever been touched. He had a look of amazement as we gently washed him. Obviously he had never been touched before. It took three baths before we realized he was actually a pure white dog with brown spots.

One month after rescue
We still hadn't come with a name for him and were in the waiting room of the Cancun vet who would become his primary doctor. 

Living La Vida Loca was playing on the radio when the receptionist asked for his name. The dog was hopping from one foot to the other in  time to the music.

"Ricky," I said.
"Ricky Rincon," said Dinah. "Because we found him on the corner. He let himself be led into the consulting room where it would be spending a lot of time.  

Ricky was in bad shape: Infected ears, nail grown so long they were embedded into his pads, open sores on his legs, fur infested with ticks and fleas, mange on his back legs, a badly healed break on a back leg and paw, heart filled with worms, and general poor health from chronic starvation. I went back to home thinking Ricky would be following soon.

It took three years to get him to Canada. Dinah kept Ricky and showered him with love and affection. She also brought him to his many vet appointments and nursed him through several operations.
Throughout his long convalesence, Ricky remained patient, gentle and loving. He developed some of his own tricks, like holding his own leash. He still tap danced when he got excited.

Ricky at the airport

Finally I was ready to have Ricky with me and he was healthy enough to travel. Some kind vacationers offered to fly Ricky to Montreal. He was coming to his forever home.

Ricky was calm at the airport. Dinah said he seemed to know he was going someplace else. He got into the car and then into his cage without any prompting. The plane ride must have been loud and frightening but Ricky never barked. He didn't wet his cage.

When I picked him up at the airport, he looked at me through the cage, calm and waiting to see what would happen.  In four hours this plucky dog had gone from living on the beach in a tropical country to the snow covered north.

Ricky on the couch

I wheeled him through the airport into the parking lot. An April snow storm was starting and there was light snow on the car. Ricky stayed silent while I pushed his cage into the car.

We arrived back at the house and I brought Ricky inside and opened the cage. He put one delicate paw out of the cage, stuck his tiny snout of the cage and then stepped out. My older dog, also born in Puerto Morelos, sniffed his ears. Ricky jumped up on the couch.

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He was home.

Dinah still has other dogs looking for their forever homes. If you're vacationing in Cancun, Puerto Morelos or Playa del Carmen consider becoming an escort and bringing adopted dogs to their forever homes up north. 

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  1. Beautiful story, Shelagh; thank you for sharing, and for helping to spread the word about the need for travel companions for these lovelies who've been adopted outside of Mexico. And thank your friend Dinah for setting up a rescue organization, too--those are much, much needed everywhere in Mexico.
    Guilie @ Life In Dogs