Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Surrender to serendipity

A to Z challenge 

Day 19: S is for Surrendering to serendipity 

Serendipity doesn’t happen with a GPS. When your entire route is planned, every turn decided, there is no room for happy accidents. You will never turn right instead of left to discover a cove where dragon flies dance. You may arrive on time but there will never be the pleasure of meeting that favourite person because you got lost.

Sometimes chance happenings in life are what we have been waiting for all along. Being in the right place at the right time usually involves some wrong turns along the way. Serendipity reminds us that discovery and invention still need a bit of magic. We need to stay open to intervention from the gods and hints from angels. You just can't plan for that.

Surrender to serendipity.


  1. Ah beautiful post!! And serendipity it is that I came across your blog! Much love! :)Aditi, dropping from A2Z

  2. I love this! YES: wrong turns and lack of planning are the seeding soil for magic.
    Guilie @ Life In Dogs