Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Oh Canada
How I love you when I am away.
But then
I remember you only in the spring
and summer.
Forgetting those times
when we lie like icebergs
floating freely in the cold ocean
Oblivious to life
until it smashes into us
and we realize our potential
for participation.

Now, I have become accustomed
to sand in my bed.
Able to judge how much I will
comfortably tolerate.
The surf no longer talks to me.
I am bored with the turquoise sea 
that pushes bone white sand
up to my feet.
The high winds at my door
no longer frighten me.
The heat no longer excites me nor do
night stars silence me.
Paradise has become commonplace.

My days are spent drifting in and out of sleep.
My nights spent half awake from listening to the darkness.
I came to escape the idea of time and have become lost in each second.

Time to go home.

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