Tuesday, April 7, 2015

E is for Epitaph

She was not afraid of the devil
Except the one reflected in her mirror.

Sometimes the weight of sadness settled between her shoulders
Making it hard to take a deep breath.
Otherwise she was happy.

She always remembered the north
As cold and silent since
winter was often the time of her greatest suffering.

She avoided being bitter
And instead hang onto a sliver of grace
that left her feeling grateful.

When she thought of Rick
She remembered afternoons
grey by three pm
tangled between the sheets
that finished too quickly.

Even though there was nothing to be done
She did regret her part
Not making that call.
If she had offered love and forgiveness could that
Have reverted his final moments hanging from a tree?

This was not her only sorrow
There were others
She pulled to her
Just as she did her pleasures.

She did not expect to be greatly missed
But hoped friends would have kind thoughts of her
After she was gone.

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