Thursday, November 26, 2015

Baby Boxes: Nothing to be proud about

A sampling of baby boxes from around the world

Baby boxes. The ultimate expression of capitalism. Children are now an inconvenience and we can't afford them. Our solution to people throwing their newborns into garbage bins? The sanitized baby box where you can drop your baby into something resembling a mailbox.

We pat ourselves on the back thinking these baby hatches are a wonderful humanitarian gesture. after all, are we not saving these babies from garbage bins? Wouldn't it be kinder to make birth control more available and affordable so women don't have to make the horrible decision of dropping their baby off like it's some kind of unwanted puppy.

Baby boxes are growing throughout the world. Germany know has 99 baby boxes. Canada has six. China had to close down it's pink baby box when it got over 150 babies in one day. Why are we congratulating ourselves?  Their growing popularity should be make us weep.

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