Thursday, October 6, 2016

Falling in love with a tomato

I fell in love this summer, with a tomato. I planted a heritage variety called chocolate cherry. These are a dark reddish brown tomato with a firm skin. They pop open with a warm sweetness. There is nothing more sensual that a sun-warmed tomato oozing flavour the minute it hits your tongue.

I bought groceries at the big chain supermarket for the first time in several months. After picking fresh veggies from my garden all summer, the supermarket version looked half dead.

We take away one of the key pleasures in our short human lives when we substitute industrial processed food. Most of us have forgotten the sweet joy of the backyard tomato or carrot.

It's another one of those simple pleasure slowly being eroded from our lives as we hurry through life pursuing some ridiculous idea of living imposed by stupid would-be feudal lords.

Revolution through gardening. I like that idea.