Monday, June 19, 2017

At the coffee shop

Heat has forced us inside to air conditioned coffee and better decor than at home.  I'm eavesdropping.

In one corner are huddled the beautiful milleniums sipping their expensive coffees paid for by mommy and daddy who are busy drinking their own coffee at work. The girls high pitched laughter directed at the nearby boys. They laugh and gossip about classmates, moan about their crabby teachers and explain how life sucks since it's exam week.

The staff leans on the counter, sipping their free iced coffee while scrolling. They look up if someone coughs for attention. 

The stay-at-mom gang just came in with their thousand dollar strollers that tear things off the shelves.  They roll around the tables and seats like tanks with cuteness at the front. With healthy smoothies in hand, they compare complaints about the boredom of babes in the burbs. Out come the phones to share pinterest recipes or take pics of sleeping offspring for mommie blogs. Crying infants break up the group amid sighs of resignation.

A couple are courting in the armchairs, sweetly hesitant, exchanging information meant to impress. They sip their lattes between awkward silence.

The coffee machines purrs in the background to the rhythm of the streaming music.  Summer in the suburbs.