Friday, July 7, 2017

My sweet sweet Tilia tree

I had no idea that the flower from my Linden tree just outside my front door makes such a delicious tea. The smell from its blooms is so, so lovely.

My Ukranian neighbour came over and asked if she could pick some flowers. The Tilia tree is called Lypa in her country and July is known as Lypa month because all these trees are in bloom.  I was delighted to share them and she showed me what to use for tea.

I wait for my Linden flowers every year as a highlight of summer. The sweet smell is carried into the house by the breeze. It's so intoxicating it makes you stop in your tracks to breath it in. One small branch in a vase is enough to fill the house with its scent.

I find other neighbours standing near the tree just sniffing. They look up sheepishly if I come upon them suddenly. I usually go and stand with them.

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