Monday, January 1, 2018

Eulogy for 2017

Goodbye 2017. The year of petty annoyances for me and much more egregious problems for others.
Goodbye to the year I turned a glorious 60 with an excitement and contentment I never believed possible.
Goodbye 2017 and to my somewhat gentle lessons made more difficult through stubbornness, hubris, and skepticism.
Goodbye to a year where imbalance took over to show how much we need steady hearts and compassionate minds. A year filled with tackiness, lies, collapsing morals and crumbling dignity. Where brutal honesty was needed but difficult to maintain.
Goodbye 2017 and your prickly lesson that there is a longevity deeper than this human made circus. Flowers still blossomed, and birds still arrived.
Goodbye to a year that asked me to trust in balance being restored even if I can’t see it or know it may not happen in my lifetime.
Goodbye to a year that asked me to stay in the moment, soak up the beauty of the present as it slips quickly into the past.

Goodbye 2017 and your dead, bloated mythology that no longer serves anyone.

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