Friday, October 26, 2018

The risk of eating like a frat boy

The heartburn, the gas, the bloating, feeling sluggish and jiggly, followed by the pimples. (Even more gross when you add wrinkles.)  It's my own fault. I brought it on myself eating like a frat boy for two weeks.

Why. Did. I. Do. This? I got lazy. I got tired. I got busy. But there is also no denying that the classic Western diet combo of fat, sugar and carbs is delicious. It's the payback that's a bitch.

This summer I ate mostly fresh veggies and fruit straight from my garden and added micro-greens from the local farmer's market. It was delicious and energizing. Keeping to that diet is harder now that gardening season is finished and I just can't walk out the door to grab a tomato on the vine or some kale from the garden. Grabbing fast food was easier than getting my tired ass out of bed on grey Saturday mornings to compete with the hippies over microgreens before they sold out.  

But it does come with a price for the mature stomach.  Lesson learned.  Back to healthy eating and packing my own lunches.